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dedicated inverters

EL Panels and Tapes all need an inverter to supply the correct current and frequency to make them glow.

The choice of inverter depends on the area of EL Panel being lit.

Several EL Panels or Tapes can be attached to the same inverter in which case you must add the total area of all the panels to find the correct inverter

We have two types of EL Inverters available.

1) Dedicated Inverters: These are specifically designed for EL Panels

2) Multi-use Inverters: These can be used for both EL Panels and EL Wire

dedicated inverters

Most of the Inverters have a choice of power input.

This can be mains electricity (UK, US or Euro plugs) or 12V input (including our own range or rechargable li-ion batteries

Dedicated Inverters

Power Input
silent el driver for automotive with earth

Silent 100cm2

A5 dedicated EL inverter

A5 50cm2 to 300cm2 – 12v

A5 mains powered el driver

A5 50cm2 to 300cm2 – Mains

A5 Dedicated driver for EL panels and tapes

A4 200cm2 to 600cm2 – 12v

silent dedicated A4 mains driver inverter

A4 200cm2 to 600cm2 – Mains

A3 Dedicated inverter for EL Panel and EL Tape

A3 500cm2 to 1,200cm2 – 12v

A3 mains powered driver

A3 500cm2 to 1200cm2 – Mains

A2 Dedicated EL Driver for up to 2,500 squ cm of el panel

A2 1,000cm2 to 2,500cm2 – 12v

A2 dedicated silent driver for el panels

A2 1,000cm2 to 2,500cm2 – Mains

A1 dedicated el mains inverter

A1 2,000cm2 to 5,000cm2

A2 Dedicated EL Driver for up to 2,500 squ cm of el panel

2,500cm2 to 3,500cm2 – 12v

silent dedicated el inverter driver for 7,000 to 10,000 cm2 of EL Panel

7,000cm2 to 10,000cm2

silent dedicated inverter driver for 10,000 to 15,000 cm2 EL Panel

10,000cm2 to 15,000cm2

24V dedicated el inverter for 600 to 1200 square centimetres of el panel and tape

24V 600cm2 to 1,200cm2


Multi-Use Inverters

Power Input
Micro Driver - portable inverter for el wire and panels

Micro 20cm2

Mini Driver - portable inverter for glowing shape el panel & tape

Mini Driver – 50cm2

Basic driver - inverter el panel & tape el wire

Basic Driver – 80cm2

potted inverter for up to 5m of EL Wire or 100cm sq panel and powered by USB with trigger switch

4.5v USB Potted – 100cm2

potted inverter for 5-15m of EL Wire or 300cm sq EL Panel powered by USB With Trigger Switch

4.5v USB Potted 50-300cm2

potted 9v inverter driver with o=plunger switch to drive up to 5m of el wire or 100cm2 el panel

9v Potted – 100cm2

12v inverter with 2.1mm/5.5mm connector

12v Potted – 100cm2

12v potted inverter with 2.1/5.5mm jack plug

12v Potted 50-300cm2

12v boxed inverter with 2.1/5.5mm input

12v Boxed 50-300cm2

adapatable inverter driver 10-40 metres of el wire or 150-600cm of el panel with flashing option

12v Boxed 150-600cm2

12v boxed inverter 10-40 metres of el wire or 150-600cm2 of el panel with trigger switch

12v Boxed 150-600cm2

12 sound to light inverter for up to 120cm of el panel or 10 metres of el wire

12v Sound to Light 120cm2

12v sound to light inverter

12v Sound to Light 300cm2