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Our many years working with electroluminescence panels and tapes has led us to produce several items we know will make life easier to use these products.

Using a combination of splitters and extenders you can have as many EL Panels or Tapes in any position you may want.

We also have many useful power inputs for the 12v Inverters:
Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries, Power Packs, Mains Adapters and more.

el wire art work rhomboid asteroid

Useful Additional Items for EL Panel and Tapes

extender cables are handy for mounting el panels, tapes and wires a distance from the el driver.
ExtendersFrom £1.50
mini el spltters for connecting multiple el wire, panels or tapes to a single el driver
Mini SplittersFrom £1.25
EL splitters, for connecting multiple wires to a single el driver
Standard SplittersFrom £1.25
Speciality splitters for el products, glowing el panels, tape and wire
Speciality SplittersFrom £2.00
in-line dimmer controller to control the brightness of glowing el panels, tape and wire
In-line Dimmer Controller£15.00
12V RF remote control unit for EL wire, panels and tapes.
Remote Control£15.00
Make el panels light up on detction of motion with our motion sensor.
Motion Sensor£12.00
Recahrgeable Li-ion battery with a USB connector
Rechargeable Li-ion with USB£12.00
Rechargeable Li-ion batteries available in 1000mAh, 1800mAh, 3000mAh and 5000mAh with charger
Rechargeable Li-ionFrom £7.50
8 x AA enclosed battery box, a great portable power supply for an el driver
Enclosed Battery Box£5.00
Portable el driver power supply takes 3 x 18650 rechargeable batteries.
3 x 18650 Battery Box£5.00
Crocodile Clips
Crocodile Clips£3.00
12V switch, very useful for switching an el drivers power supply on or off
12v Switch£3.50
car auxiliary power attachment for powering our 12V EL inverters
Car Auxiliary Power£3.50
5 x male electrolominescent connectors
5 x Male ConnectorsFrom £2.00
12v extender with 2.1 and 5.5mm plugs, 1 metre long.
12V 2.1/5.5mm Extender£2.50
FFC Tape
FFC Tape£5.00