el panels lit

EL Panels have been used as display backlights in consumer and professional electronic equipment fo more than 30 year.

They have proved to be very reliable but if the unit is still being used after more than 10,000 hours of lit display then these will start to fade.

As these units are often decades old, the manufacturer has usually discontinued the product.

Users then discover that replacement screens for their beloved hardware are often expensive or impossible to find.

Instead of replacing the entire screen, an inexpensive EL Panel back light replacement can be inserted instead. There will sometimes have to be some disassembly and even soldering involved, but it is a straightforward process and there are usually youtube videos for the procedure for most makes and models

These Backlights are suitable for most of the Akai Samplers, Sequencers and Synthesisers.

There are some that can be used in the classic E-mu Emulators.

And will bring life and light back into Casio, Kurzweil and Korg Vintage analogue synthesiser and Roland Keyboards.

el panels lit

We Have These Backlights Available

18cm x 74cm replacement backlight for Elka, Kurzweil and Roland vintage analogue synthesizers
18mm x 74mmFrom £7.00
21 x 166mm replacement backlight for Akai drum sampler, Drawmer efeects machine and Lexicon Midi remote controller
21mm x 166mmFrom £13.00
24 x 96mm replacemnt backlight for various vintage analogue sythesizer keyboards like Casio, Korg, Roland and NAD
24mm x 96mmFrom £9.00
25 x 120mm replacemnt backlights, fits most realistic scanner models
25mm x 120mmFrom £8.00
26 x 55mm replacement glowing el backlight
26mm x 55mmFrom £8.00
30 x 200mm replacement backlight for Mercedes Benz 4 x 4 radio
30mm x 200mmFrom £15.00
30 x 94mm replacement backlight for various vintage analogue synthesizers like Korg
30mm x 94mmFrom £10.00
34 x 110mm replacement backlight
34mm x 110mmFrom £9.00
34mm-x-110mm-replacement-backlight ams-neve-logic-series-mixing-desk
40 x 132mm replacement backlight for Akai synthesizers and drum machines
40mm x 132mmFrom £14.00
akai-cd3000 akai-cd3000i akai-cd3000xl akai-hd1000 akai-pb1000 akai-s1000 akai-s1100 akai-s1200 akai-s2800 akai-s2800i akai-s3000 akai-s3000i akai-s3000xl-akai-mpc3000-and-the-mpc-60ii-drum-machine akai-s3200 akai-vx600-synthesizer
42mm x 63mm replacement backlight, glowing foil
42mm x 63mmFrom £8.00
42mm-x-63mm-glowing-foil 43mm-x-63mm-replacenet-backlight easily-trim-down-to-size
43 x 155mm replacement backlight for Korg, Roland and Yamaha synthesizer keyboards
43mm x 155mmFrom £15.00
i3 korg-01-wfd korg-i3 korg-m1 korg-t2 korg-t3 korg-wavestation-a-d-synthesizers korg-wavestation-ex korg-ws1-synth-keyboards rack-mounted-korg-01-r-w roland-a50 roland-a80 roland-d70-keyboards roland-gc-8 yamaha-qs300 yamaha-sy77 yamaha-sy88 yamaha-sy99 yamaha-w5 yamaha-w7-digital-keyboard
47 x 157mm replacement backlight for Kurzweil and Roland analogue synthesizer
47mm x 157mmFrom £15.00
70 x 125mm replacement glowing electroluminescent backlight
70mm x 125mmFrom £10.00
backlight-for-industrial-sewing-machines backlight-for-the-info-screens-of-industrial-sewing-machines replacement-backlight
87 x 112mm glowing replacement electroluminescent backlight. Used for backlighting the info screens like Datatronic 2 in Massey Ferguson tractors
87mm x 112mmFrom £20.00
Bose P1 remote control replacement backlight
Bose P1 Backlight£30.00
Ferrari 360, F131 replacement backlight
Ferrari 360 F131 Backlight£165.00
24fr lawnmower racing night time el panel glowing numbers
Night Race - 2 Digit (A5)£50.00
electroluminescent panel for 24hr night racing
Night Race - 3 Digit (A4)£80.00