18mm x 74mm

Size: 18mm x 74mm (0.75 x 3 inches)

Lit Size: 18mm x 74mm



Replacement EL Backlight – 18mm x 74mm

Sometimes vintage hardware can be maintained for years, but the EL Panel backlight starts to dim and fades so much that it becomes unreadable.

It may have been decades since the product was manufactured so getting spares can be tricky.
Luckily we have a whole range of replacement EL Backlights available

This is one of our smallest and most versatile EL Backlight replacements

You will find it is the right size for various vintage analogue synthesiser keyboards:

Elka vintage synthesisers, The Kurzweil K1200 synth, Roland Alpha Juno 1 and Juno 2, MKS-80 and PG1000 plus the Sequential Circuits Prophet
The EL Replacement is also good for Korg DRV-2000 and Yamaha REV-7 sound processors and effect machines
It can be used in several E-MU analogue samplers (EMAX I, EMAX II and Emulator II) and their SP12 and SP1200 Drum Machines

Gif showing the 18x74cm backlight panel lit and unlit

These EL Backlights will have to be soldered into place, they are very robust and if it is not quite the right size you can trim it down to shape with large scissors, ensuring you reseal any cut edges with glue before installing.