el panel sheet

Electroluminescent Panels are thin (less than 1/2mm) laminated sheets that glow on one side.

These Glowing Panels can be cut down to any shape you chose using sharp scissors

Now, EL Panels have proved to be robust and versatile and have many uses from backlighting displays, architectural highlights, theatrical props and safety lighting

2.4 x 4.5cm glowing el panels
2.4 x 4.5 cmFrom £3.00
3 x 5cm glowing el panel
3 x 5 cmFrom £3.00
5cm x 8cm glowing electroluminescent panel
5 x 8 cmFrom £6.00
7cm x 11cm rectangular glowing electroluminescent panel
7 x 11 cmFrom £10.00
70mm-x-110mm 70x110mm 7cmx-11cm 7x11
15cm x 40cm glowing rectangular panel with connectors on each corner
15 x 40cm With 4 ConnectorsFrom £40.00