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Rectangle EL Panel

el panel sheet

Electroluminescent Panels are thin (less than 1/2mm) laminated sheets that glow on one side.

These Glowing Panels can be cut down to any shape you chose using sharp scissors

Now, EL Panels have proved to be robust and versatile and have many uses from backlighting displays, architectural highlights, theatrical props and safety lighting

Rectangle EL Panels

el panel 24x45mm glowing in white and light blue, electroluminescent panel

2.4 x 4.5 cm

El Panel 30 x 50 cm glowing shape

3 x 5 cm

EL Panel 50x80mm glowing foil shape in 7 colours

5 x 8 cm

EL Panel 70x110mm glowing foil shape

7 x 11 cm

42mm x 63mm replacement el backlight

42mm x 63mm

26 x 55mm replacement el backlight

26mm x 55mm

EL Panel 15x40cm glowing foil shape

15 x 40cm With 4 Connectors