el panels lit

These EL Panels are often used for backlighting displays as well as on cosplay costumes

The smallest 3cm round EL Panel fits exactly inside our 6cm EL Hoops to make a bullseye shape

Selection of Round EL Panels

2cm glowing hoop for detroit becoming human cosplay costume
2cm HoopFrom £8.00
3cm glowing button
3cm ButtonFrom £3.00
6cm round, glowing electroluminescent shape. Avaialbel in many colours
6cm CircleFrom £6.00
6cm glowing hoop, electroluminescent shape.
6cm HoopFrom £4.00
10cm round glowing el panels
10cm CircleFrom £10.00
14cm Tron identity disc
14cm DiscFrom £12.00
16cm diameter EL Panel
16cm diameter EL PanelFrom £24.00
26cm diameter EL Panel
26cm diameter EL PanelFrom £48.00
33cm diameter EL Panel
33cm diameter EL PanelFrom £72.00