We specialise in making Custom EL Panels for a variety of customers

These can be anything for large metre square Panels, to intricate shapes just a few centimetres in size


As EL Panels are made in a silkscreen type process, there will always be a minimum order number

If the size of the panel is larger than A4 then the minimum may be as little as 5 to 10 pcs

If it is a smaller EL Panel then you may need to order at least 50-100 pcs


All EL Panels need an inverter to make them glow, the connector from this power source to the EL Panel can be placed at your convenience and there is a choice of three connector types

Standard Wire:

standard wire connector for el panel

Most EL Panels will just have heatshrink attached to standard cable wire

The corner is the strongest position to put a EL Panel or EL Tape Connector

Flexible Flat Cable:

flexible flat cable FPC connector for el panel

This is very useful to solder onto or we can put a Standard Wire Connector onto it after a short amount of FFC

The FFC can be as long or as short as you need. We will work with you to find a solution if the design becomes intricate or complex

Twin Jumpers:

twin jumper connector for el panel
These are more often used on backlights for electrical goods. It makes them easier to connect up to the rest of the circuitry

Vinyl Overlays on EL Panels

You may want a coloured or black and white printed overlay on your EL Panel or Tape

This could be anything from a simple logo silhouette that blacks out a portion of one of our ‘off the shelf’ EL Panels

Or a full colour vinyl print overlaying a custom EL Panel exactly to your specifications

Vinyl overlays can be achieved in 2 ways, either printed on when the EL Panel is produced, or cut by us from adhesive vinyl and laid on afterwards

Factory Overlay:

If you want more than 50 EL Panels and each of them have the same image then we suggest getting a Factory Overlay

This will be a vinyl print and can therefore be multicolour

The EL Panel would also be made at the same time, so you can choose which of the lit and non-lit sections you want

This will be a high quality finish, and can be a full colour print

vinyl print el panel union jack


Bespoke Vinyl Overlays:

Many customers just need single or small numbers of EL Panels with their own design on them

In this case we can vinyl cut the image and overlay it onto an EL Panel of your choice

We use high quality vinyl for this that can create full blackout areas

Prices vary for all of these services, so please contact us for more info at info@elpanelandtape.co.uk