EL Shapes

el panel lightening shape

EL Panels can be made into any shape.

You can join different shapes to the same EL Inverter

Please get in touch if you have a custom shape you would like to have made.

Here is our selection of EL Shapes

Alphabet EL Letters Paneland Glow Panel & Tape


5x5cm glowing heart EL Panel shape


electroluminescent snowflake panel in 3 pink, blue and white lit up


EL Panel in the shape of a Christmas Tree lit in gras green

Christmas Tree

EL Panel glowing pentacle shape

10cm Pentagram

EL Tape with bend half way

EL Tape with Bend



Octagon shaped el Panel in light blue


EL Panel in the shaple of a Triangle light up in blue and white


5x6cm doulbe hoop EL Panel shape glowing

15cm Double Hoop

EL Panel zig zag shape glowing

Zig Zag


Curved EL Tape

glowing EL Panel - anged shape tape

Angled EL Tape

EL Tape Tron Sacral piece

18cm Sacral

EL-Panel-Arrow-Chevron costume glow

Chevron Arrow

EL Panel Union Jack shape

Union Jack

electroluminescent candy cane, el panel

Candy Cane

electroluminescent candy swirl el panel

Candy Swirl

electroluminescent candy stick, el panel

Candy Stick

electroluminescent gingerbread man - el panel

Gingerbread Man