26cm diameter EL Panel


This versatile panel can be used for Telescope Flat-Field Correction.

This EL Panel can be used like any other for the variety of uses people find for EL Panels. It glows white when illuminated and is a peach colour when not illuminated.


If you are using this panel for flats then you may want to use some opalescent acrylic to diffuse the granulation of the EL Panel

We do not currently have any in stock but it is available online.


The EL Panel comes with a choice of 12V portable dedicated drivers, that can be hot swapped between various 12V power supplies (e.g. crocodile clips, car lighter attachment, 8 x AA battery box or rechargeable Li-ion batteries), or a dedicated mains powered driver with either a UK or EU mains plug.

As with all EL panels, this 26cm diameter glowing circle will need a driver to make it glow. You have the option of a 12V (portable) dedicated driver or mains powered dedicated driver.

Here are a range of 12V power inputs for the 12V driver which will hopefully cover most uses:


This is a great option if you already have your own driver you want to use.

Whatever your reason, this option gives you just the 26cm diameter circle EL panel – without any driver or external power supplies like the rest of these listed below…

2) Crocodile Clips

crocodile clips

Perfect if you already have your own 12V battery to run this driver

3) Car Lighter Adaptor

This adaptor plugs into the car lighter socket. It is fused and ends with a 5.5mm/2.1mm jack plug so it can be used with any of our 12v Drivers or accessories

4) 8xAA Battery Box


This 8xAA Battery Box will plug straight into the driver. It is fairly large (127mm x 72mm x 19mm) but will make this EL Driver portable

5) Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

rechargable li-ion battery

Much smaller and lighter than the Battery Box, these powerful Li-ion batteries come in a range of sizes

3000mAh: 172g (7.3cm x 5.6cm x 2.2cm)

5000mAh: 265g (6.0cm x 5.8cm x 3.9cm)

All of these Li-ion Batteries come with an intelligent charger as standard.

6) The mains powered driver options comes with a UK plug or EU plug.