2cm Hoop

Size:2cm diameter (0.8 inches)

Area: 3cm2


2cm Round EL Hoop

This 2cm Round EL Hoop is paper thin and can go flat against the skin

This hoop is cleverly powered using a 5cm (2 inch) flat tape coming out of the hoop which can be coated in concealer paint to make the wire look invisible

You will need an Inverter unit to power this EL Hoop, and we recommend choosing the ‘Mini Driver’

2cm EL Hoop for Detroit:Become Human in blue, green and red

The EL Hoop comes with a 50cm extender wire to you can keep the inverter in your pocket, or if you are using other EL panels with the costume then you can attach it all to the same driver


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The panels are flexible and as thin as a laminated sheet of paper.

They can also be trimmed if you need to create a particular size or shape.

We can make any size or shape EL Panel for you and also offer a service of vinyl printing onto the Panels.