42mm x 63mm

Size: 42mm x 63mm (1.65 x 2.48 inches)

Lit Size: 35mm x 60mm



42mm x 63mm Replacement Backlight

Sometimes, vintage hardware can be maintained for years, but the illuminating panel may start to dim. When the EL Panel Backlight fades so much, the display will eventually become unreadable. That’s when a replacement EL backlight comes in very handy.

It may have been decades since the product was manufactured so getting spares can be tricky. Luckily we have a whole range of replacement EL Backlights available here.

These EL Backlights have 2 copper electrodes which you will need to solder onto the original backlight driver. They are very robust so if it is not quite the right size, you can trim the 42mm x 63mm replacement backlight down to shape with large scissors.

We have a large range of replacement backlights available in our store.

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