25mm x 120mm

Size: 25mm x 120mm (1 x 4.5 inches)

Lit Size: 25mm x 120mm

Area: 30cm2


Replacement Backlight – 25mm x 120mm

Sometimes vintage hardware can be maintained for years, but the EL Panel backlight starts to dim and fades so much that it becomes unreadable.

It may have been decades since the product was manufactured so getting spares can be tricky.
Luckily we have a whole range of replacement EL Backlights available

It has been designed to fit most Realistic scanner models but will also backlight any device with similar screen size

12cm is too long for most models, so just cut it down to size with sharp scissors

There are a choice of connectors on either end depending on what is most convenient for the device

There is a jumper connection on the left and on the right is thin FPC tape that can also easily be soldered onto – just cut off the one you don’t need

23mm x 120mm-el-panel-replacement-Backlights-EL1-reverside

These EL Backlights will have to be soldered into place, they are very robust and if it is not quite the right size you can trim it down to shape with scissors