Night Race – 2 Digit (A5)

Size: 14cm x 20cm (A5)

Area: 300squ cm


Night Racing Panel Set

This EL Panel Set is designed to be attached to the window or screen of a vehicle used in night racing

This set uses an EL Panel that glows white when on and is also white when unlit

(most white glowing el panels are pink/peach when unlit)

the Panels used are A5 size and also available on our website here:

The Panel is 14cm high and 20cm long so can comfortably fit 2 digits if 12cm tall

if your race number is 3 digits long you may need our larger panel here:

glowing el panel
The 12v inverter that drives this ELPanel is our most reliable and highest quality A5 dedicated inverter

and comes with wire and crocodile clips

so it can easily be spliced into your 12v lighting loom

dedicated 12v inverter for el panel

The Inverter and EL Panel have easy click connectors making it simple to attach to each other