9v Potted 10 – 100cm2

Capacity: 10 – 100cm2 EL Panels

or 5m of EL Wire

Dimensions: 2.9 X 2.4 X 1.9cm


Small 9v Potted Inverter

This EL Inverter is suitable for up to 100square cm of EL Panel or 5 metres of EL Wire
It has been potted inside epoxy resin which keeps it water resistant as well as helping keep the whistle of transformer to a minimum

There is a choice of either a plunger switch on a 1.2m long cord
or if you choose ‘No Switch’ then it will come on when you attach it to a power source

The Driver has a hard cap 9v adapter to plug the square 9V batteries into

The driver DOES NOT have an on/off switch or a blinking function

(Please be aware that the inverter should always be attached to some EL Tape/Panel or EL Wire when it has power to it, else it may overheat)
9v Driver with or without switch to drive up to 100cm2 of electrolumescent panel or up to 5m of EL Wire