Ferrari 360 F131 Backlight

Make: Ferrari 360 F131

Size: 36cm x 12cm



Ferrari 360 F131 Backlight

This is a replacement EL Panel for the instrument gauge on the dashboard of a Ferrari 360 F131 (1999-2005)

This replacement el panel works for 3 models:
3.6 Challenge
3.6 Challenge Stradale
3.6 Modena

These classic cars have been preserved for the last 15 years, but the EL Panel used to backlight the dials on the dashboard have been known to fade in this time.

This panel is White when off and Light Blue when lit.

image showing front of panel with measurements and back of panel for Ferrari dash backlight
It takes a little time and patience to remove the instrument cluster to get to the original EL Panel that you need to swap out

It is not too difficult and there are plenty of Ferrari enthusiasts online who have detailed descriptions and tips how to do this

image showing stage by stage fitting of Ferrari dash backlight

The Replacement EL Panel we supply fits exactly in place, providing a much cheaper alternative to replacing the entire instrument cluster