Panel Size: 60cm x 84.5cm?(23.4 x 33.1 inches)

Lit Size:58cm x 83cm

Area: 5,000cms2


A1 EL Panel

This is the largest A size EL Panel we stock, we have one larger available which is the 1metre square EL Panel

All our EL Panels from the size A3 upwards are currently only available in white.

These larger EL Panels also require the Dedicated EL Panel Inverters.

It is possible to run several of these larger panels off one Inverter, for example you can run 2 x A1 EL Panels off a single 1m2 Inverter using Splitters and Extenders.


Electroluminescent technology is low power and eco-friendly and used for all types of lighting projects.

The panels are flexible and as thin as a laminated sheet of paper.

They can also be trimmed if you need to create a particular size or shape.

We can make any size or shape EL Panel for you and also offer a service of vinyl printing onto the Panels.