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Electroluminescent Panels are thin (less than 1/2mm) laminated sheets that glow on one side.

The technology has developed a lot since it was researched in the 1950s to be used in early radar monitors.

Now, EL Panels have proved to be robust and versatile and have many uses from backlighting displays, architectural highlights, theatrical props and safety lighting


el panel making machine

The Core of EL Panels is the glowing paint (or ‘phosphor’) that is spread onto a thin metal electrode.

A Clear Electrode similar to those used on touch screen phones is then placed on top. When an Alternating Current is passed through these two electrodes it makes the phosphor glow

The main phosphors used for electroluminescent materials naturally glow either blue or blue/green, so the base colour of all EL Panels and Tape is a bluish or blue/green colour.

To make the Panels glow white, either a pink filter is applied or pink pigment is added to the phosphor.

el panels lit

For this reason you will find:
Light and Deep Blue EL Panel and Tapes are white when unlit.
White EL Panels are a peachy/pink colour when unlit.*
Other Coloured EL Panels (Red, Orange, Green, Pink and Yellow) are the same colour when lit and unlit.

* We now supply a new type of EL Panel that has an added white filter so they also appear white when it is switched off.
(these items have a colour option saying White On/Off)

Rectangle EL Panels

2.4 x 4.5cm glowing el panels
2.4 x 4.5 cmFrom £3.00
el-panel rectangle-el-panels
3 x 5cm glowing el panel
3 x 5 cmFrom £3.00
el-panel rectangle-el-panels
5cm x 8cm glowing electroluminescent panel
5 x 8 cmFrom £6.00
el-panel rectangle-el-panels
7cm x 11cm rectangular glowing electroluminescent panel
7 x 11 cmFrom £10.00
el-panel rectangle-el-panels70mm-x-110mm 70x110mm 7cmx-11cm 7x11
15cm x 40cm glowing rectangular panel with connectors on each corner
15 x 40cm With 4 ConnectorsFrom £40.00
el-panel rectangle-el-panels