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1M Square

Panel Size:101cm x 101cm (40×40 inches)

Lit Size: 99 x 99cm

Area: 10,000cm2

Product Price: £300.00

Product Description

1 Metre Square EL Panel

These large EL Panels are generally used for dispays or as backlighting in the movie industry.

It is the largest EL Panel we carry in stock, if you need any larger panels then we can have them made up to 220cm x 120cm. Even larger panels can be made, but they will consist of joining several EL Panels together so they may have thin 1-2mm unlit joining lines.

Electroluminescent technology is low power and eco-friendly and used for all types of lighting projects.

The panels are flexible and as thin as a laminated sheet of paper.

They can also be trimmed if you need to create a particular size or shape.

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