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Adjustable Flash Driver

Flash Driver inverter & Dim Dials EL portable

Size – 6 cm X 6cm X 2cm (2.36 x 2.36 x 0.79 inches)

Capacity: up to 10 Meter or 1,520cm2 EL Panel

Product Price: £15.00

Product Description

Adjustable Flash Driver

This listing is for a 9v (with square battery attachment) driver which will run 5-10 meters of EL neon glow wire or 200 squ cm of EL Tape. There are two dials on the front. One allows you to adjust the brightness and the other allows you to change the speed of the blink when it is in Flashing Mode. There is a button between the two wheels that allows you to chose between: Continuous ON / Flash Mode / OFF. The Driver takes a single 9V square battery that sits inside the unit.