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MAXI 1.5mm

Product Price: £5.00

Product Description

1.5mm Maxi EL Wire

The Maxi EL Wire a high brightness glowing wire that outshines standard EL Wire

Maxi EL Wire is as reliable and robust as the standard EL Wire
1) The bend radius of Maxi EL Wire is 5mm (same as our standard EL Wire)
2) The breaking strain at 1kg (same as our standard EL Wire)
3) Pressure on the Maxi EL Wire should not be more than 1kg, (same as our standard EL Wire)

Unlike Standard EL Wire, this Maxi EL Wire will hold itself rigid when bent into its desired shape

comparing Ultra to standard EL Wire

You can run several EL Wires off one inverter, please visit our Additional Items section where you will find splitters and extender wires.

Then calculate the total amount of EL Wire you want to run, (remember to double it for Ultra EL Wire) and visit our Multi-Use Inverters to find one that is most suitable for you