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1.3mm diameter el wire

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Product Description

1.3mm Diameter EL Wire

This 1.3mm EL Wire is a very special material, different from most other EL Wire, it is not only brighter but it holds its shape when bent

It can be bent very sharply backand can even make hairpin bends.

on itself in a hairpin and make sharp angles if you are interested in bending it into shapes, but because of this

It is fine to bend the EL Wire into sharp angles, but you will find there is some slight discolouration on the curves

This EL Wire has a very thin coloured sleeve so sometimes the colours are not as vivid as the thicker wires

EL Wire colours

You can run several EL Wires off one inverter, please visit our Additional Items section where you will find splitters and extender wires.

Then calculate the total amount of EL Wire you want to run, and visit our Multi-Use Inverters to find one that is most suitable for you

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