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el tape


EL Tape is exactly the same material as EL Panels. The only difference is the EL Tape has been made in long thin strands






el ribbon



We have EL Tapes in stock in these widths: 1.5cm, 2cm, 3cm and 5cm, and they are anything from 12cm to 5 metres long.

The 2cm x 1m and the 2cm x 2m EL Tapes have connectors on both ends. This means they can be cut in half and you are left with two working lengths of EL Tape.




strands of el tape


 It is unusual for people to need EL Tape longer than the ones we have in stock, but if you need an exact width and length we can make this for you.






Our Range of EL Tapes

1x15cm EL Tape, Glowing shape from EL Panel

1cm x 15cm

1cm x 20xm EL Panel - tape ribbon shape glowing foil

1.5cm x 20cm

1cm x 1meter el tape

1cm x 1M

1cm x 2 meter el tape

1cm x 2M

1.5x15cm el tape glowing shape fro EL Panel

1.5cm x 15cm

el tape 1.5x25cm in white and light blue - electroluminescent tape

1.5cm x 25cm

1.5cm x 2meter EL Tape, glowing panel

1.5cm x 2M

EL Tape 2x12cm glowing panel

2cm x 12cm

EL Tape 2x25cm glowing panel shape

2cm x 25cm

EL Tape 2x40cm glowing EL panel, shape

2cm x 40cm