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A4 200cm2 to 600cm2 – Mains

silent dedicated A4 mains driver inverter

Capacity: 200 to 600cm2

Power:  UK Mains

Dimensions: 3.5 x 5 x 10.3cm

Product Price: £34.00

Product Description

Dedicated A4 EL Inverter

This is a dedicated EL Inverter so it is tweaked to perform best with EL Panel and tapes (though it can also drive EL Wire)

These Inverters are well built for long term use in a strong box with good airflow, and feature top range toroidal transformers which run silently.

There is an On/Off switch as well as a knobs allowing you to control brightness and the blink speed of the flash

This is a powerful inverter and to protect it you must have a minimum of 200squ cm of EL Panel attached when switched on

close up image of the controls on the A4 Dedicated inverter


The Inverter has direct mains input and comes with an IEC-C7 figure of 8 UK mains power lead.

image of iec-c7 figure of eight uk mains power lead

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