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A3 500cm2 to 1,200cm2 – 12v

A3 Dedicated inverter for EL Panel and EL Tape

Capacity: 500 to 1,200cm2

Dimensions: 3.3 x 7 x 12cm

Product Price: £35.00

Product Description

Dedicated A3 EL Inverter

This is a dedicated EL Inverter so it is tweaked to perform best with EL Panel and tapes (though it can also drive EL Wire) and can light up to 1,200 Square Centimeters of EL Panel or Tape

These Inverters are well built for long term use in a strong metal box with good airflow, and feature top range toroidal transformers which run silently.

A4 dedicated EL Inverter

This is a powerful inverter and to protect it must have a minimum of 500squ cm of EL Panel attached when switched on

The Inverter either comes as a hard wired UK plug
or has a 2.1/5.5mm jack plug built in (this is a standard 12v connector).

For the 12v version you will find these compatible Power Inputs options in the drop down selection:

Only Inverter

You may already have your own 12v input with a 2.1/5.5mm connector.


Crocodile Clips

crocodile clips for 12v inverter

This is usually the solution if you want to run the inverter off your own 12v battery



8xAA Battery Box

battery box for 12v inverter

To make this inverter portable then just plug in this battery box.



Please note that rechargeable AA batteries are lower voltage than standard batteries so cannot really be used effectively with this battery box


Li-ion Battery

rechargeable li-ion battery for 12v el inverters

These are smaller and lighter than the Battery Box, the 3000mAh Li-ion battery gives the same life as the 8xAA Battery Box with fresh alkaline batteries

1800mAh (thin): 145g (10.3cm x 5.5cm x 1.1cm)

3000mAh: 172g (7.3cm x 5.6cm x 2.2cm)

5000mAh: 265g (6.0cm x 5.8cm x 3.9cm)

All of these Li-ion Batteries come with an intelligent recharger

(*Li-ion Batteries are only available to the UK due to airmail postal restrictions)


Mains Plug

mains plug for 12v el inverter

This will convert mains electricity to 12v so it can be used as a handy input for this inverter


All of these external power inputs, as well as extras such as 12v remote controllers, can be found in Additional Items

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