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In-line Dimmer Controller

8.1cm x 6.6cm x 2.8cm

Product Price: £15.00
SKU: 12v_dimmer
Size: 12cm x 3cm x 2.5cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 0.028 kg

Product Description

This in-line dimmer control sits between the power output and a 12v driver giving you complete control over the brightness of your EL Panels, Tapes or Wires

This Dimmer control comes ready to plug in with 5.5mm/2.1mm jack plug


el wire inline dimmer, brightness controller

This In-line Dimmer (brightness control) will plug in between any power supply below and a 12v input driver


2) Crocodile Clips

crocodile clips with 2.1mm/5.5mm plug

Perfect if you already have your own 12V battery to run a driver


3) 8xAA Battery Box

enclosed 8xaa Battery box

This 8xAA Battery Box will plug straight into the driver. It is fairly large (132mm x 73mm x 20mm) but will make an EL Driver portable


4) 3 x 18650 Rechargeable Battery Box

3 x 18650 battery box for 12v inverter/ drivers

This 3 x 18650 Rechargeable Battery Box will plug straight into the driver. It is fairly large (76mm x 60mm x 20mm) and the leads for the output are 15cm long but will make an EL Driver portable.


5) Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

2800mAh recharheable li-ion battery with recharger

Much smaller and lighter than the Battery Box, these powerful Li-ion batteries come in a range of sizes

1800mAh (thin): 125g (10cm x 5.5cm x 0.8cm)

1800mAh (square): 125g (5cm x 3.3cm x 2.7cm)

3000mAh: 172g (7.3cm x 5.6cm x 2.2cm)

5000mAh: 250g (5.3cm x 5.8cm x 3.9cm)

All of these Li-ion Batteries come with an intelligent recharger

(Li-ion Batteries are only available to the UK due to airmail postal restrictions)


6) Car Lighter Adaptor

This adaptor plugs into the car lighter socket. It is fused and ends with a 5.5mm/2.1mm jack plug so it can be used with any of our Drivers or Additional Items


Most people also use Splitters that come from the Driver to the EL Wire (so you only need 1 x Driver for many EL Panels or Wires) – you can get those types of EL SPLITTERS HERE


*If you want more than one of the power connectors, mentioned above, for your EL Driver,

They can all be found in our Additional Items section, or just click the description you want and be taken to its own page*

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