ULTRA 2.6mm

glowing el wire

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Product Description

2.6mm Ultra EL Wire

The Ultra EL Wire is the brightest and most rigid wire available in the world

The copper core running through the centre is thicker than on the standard EL Wires so it gives out more light.

It is also made with the highest quality phosphors, adding to the brightness

Because the central copper core is so thick, the Ultra EL Wire holds its rigidly to its shape when bent
(only the 1.3mm EL Wire does this, to a lesser extent)

The Ultra EL Wire consumes more power to light it up and for this reason you must double the length of wire you are using when choosing an inverter

eg 5 metres of Ultra EL Wire will need an inverter that is rated for 10m of standard EL Wire

comparing Ultra to standard EL Wire

You can run several EL Wires off one inverter, please visit our Additional Items section where you will find splitters and extender wires.

Then calculate the total amount of EL Wire you want to run, (remember to double it for Ultra EL Wire) and visit our Multi-Use Inverters to find one that is most suitable for you

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